Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Pacific Crest Trail, Thru Hike, record, speed
Hello and welcome to Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert's Pacific Crest Trail 2012 Solo Unsupported Speed Hiking Record Attempt journal. I've created this blog to document and share my first attempt at setting the overall speed hiking record on the PCT. I fell short of completing the entire trail, however my attempt was not in vain, as I managed to set the hiking speed record for hiking to the PCT midpoint and the entire California section faster than anyone before. Plus, when I was forced to get off trail because of too much snow, I was 4 days ahead of the current overall PCT speed record. In all, I managed to hike 1864 miles in 42.5 days, an average of 44 miles a day.

In the upcoming posts I'll give a brief overview of my attempts, intentions, and goals, the gear I used, actual mileages covered and records set, an overview of the logistical preparations, and finally my complete 49 day journal, both as transcribed text and the original recorded audio journal.

I am also an amateur photographer, so as an added bonus I've created links to all of the PCT photos I took along my journey. These can be found in the bar on the right side of the page. In each post I'll be including photos from that journal day to give you a better idea of what the terrain and scenery were like. My favorites are the panoramas and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos.

Feel free to contact me if you find bad links etc and comments are always welcome.

Please Enjoy!
~Tuna Helper~