Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 1: May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012.

Day: 1     Daily Miles: 49     Total Miles: 49     Hours Hiking: 14.5     6:05am -8:35pm

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Day 1
May 25, 6:15 in the morning. I just left the border about 10 minutes ago. Little bit less, a little bit of a later start and somewhat hectic. I can still see the border actually, and my mom will be driving by shortly. But anyways, I'm excited, oh my gosh! (Laughs) It's beautiful hiking weather, around 50 degrees out. It's cloudy – low clouds, there's a breeze and it's misting with a chance of rain for the next couple of days, where normally it's blazing hot down here. So I'll have a good first three days, as long as the fire that I'll encounter on day two {Banner Fire} is gone and out and I can actually get on the trail and/or kinda sneak by. So yeah, it's one of those feelings that it’s taken me four months of training and planning and trying to figure out and remember every little detail. This last month has been hectic with just racking my brain making sure I have every little thing covered, checking and rechecking and all that good stuff. It feels great to be on trail, and I'm looking forward to the next two months, no matter how hard they're going to be. So yeah, I'll catch ya in a few.

Just passed Lake Morena campground.
It's May 25, 11 O'clock at night. I did a 49-mile day today. It's about 37 degrees with 30-40 MPH winds. You might be able to hear the roar in the background. I'm currently at my camp, which is at UTM 0550851 3641044, Somewhere around 5500 ft on Mt. Laguna. The nice weather that was here today, is well, not so nice right now when I'm on top of a mountain on a ridge. There's no way to get away from it because I either hike 10 more miles forwards or backwards to get off the ridge so, not so good. I spend about 40 minutes to set up my tarp/shelter and basically it's so windy that it’s pulling the stakes out of the ground. I had to go try and find rocks (there weren't many big enough to be useful!) and its still not right, so I took down half of it (laying it on top of/tucked under me) and about to go to bed. I am sooo tired, I should have been asleep about 2 hours ago. 

Climbing up from the Interstate 8 crossing.
Today overall was good, nice clouds, a little breeze, not hot, made a lot of distance. I had lunch at Boulder Oaks Campground at mile 26, a little over halfway. I met about 6 people and had them sign my logbook. Otherwise it was just fine until I got up to the ridge where it was just windy and windy and it hasn't stopped and I don't foresee it stopping. I remember in 2009 it was windy windy windy up here as well. So I hope to drop the hell out of here quick and early tomorrow morning and go and see if I can make it through the burn area. So that's my day, I had one blister. It looks like it was just from toes rubbing together and not from my shoes, so I got that duct taped and we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm ready for bed, so goodnight!

Panorama overlooking Interstate 8 and Boulder Oaks Campground area.