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Day 2: May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012.

Day: 2     Daily Miles: 48.5     Total Miles: 97.5     Hours Hiking: 15    6:40am-9:45pm

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Day 2
PCT through the Banner Fire Area.

May 26, Day 2 about 10:50am. I've been hiking for a little over 4 hours. I had a slow start this morning on account of a few things. Last night was fairly miserable. There were continuous 30-40MPH winds all night, it was about 35 degrees and raining/misting because I was literally in the clouds, so, wet. The winds were so strong that I had to purposely partially collapse my tarp on me so that it wouldn't rip that stakes out of the ground in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and make a bigger hassle for me. Because of this, it just wasn't a good night of sleep at all, tossing and turning and trying to figure out the best way to wrangle the tarp and keep it around me. And then this morning for the first three hours, the clouds and wind, well the winds have been constant the whole time. I finally dropped off the ridge after 13 miles and it has abated, but hiking in the morning I got soaking wet because the plants are all wet and I'm still in the clouds and it's still cold. At least the winds are down to 20-30MPH. At one point yesterday I thought “why am I doing this?” and then you know you think tomorrow will be better, and today is 'tomorrow' and it is better, sunny, nice breeze, its not hot and you just have to take it a day at a time and know that the next day should be better. As it stands, I'm about an hour behind my schedule and we'll see if I can make the fire area that is probably about 5 miles ahead. We'll see if I can get by or spend the night and night hike it or whatever. So yeah, it's not going too bad, feeling pretty good still, my left foot is giving me some issues, a little bit of rub. I'm not sure if it's the fit or what I just haven't quite gotten the right tightness. I'll work it out, it's not that bad, not that painful, just some sore spots. It's a good day, I'll see if I can make it to Barrel Springs, mile 100, average of 50 mi/day for two days. Have to do some night hiking to get there but very fun.

Just climbing into the San Felipe's after Scissors Crossing.
May 26, Day 2 it's about 11:30pm {On the audio log I mistakenly said 27th}. I finished late because I started late. I had kind of an iffy day, but I did 47.5 miles. I'm currently spending the night at coordinates 0540063E 3673352N UTM 11S. I'm about three miles from Barrel Springs and decided not to camp down there because I knew it was going to be really wet. Today started off wet, cold and terrible and I did not get much sleep or good sleep at all. It was windy and cold for the first 3.5 hours and then I finally got off the Mt. Laguna ridge and dropped down into the canyon, which was really nice. I was worried about the fire {Banner Fire, burning the trail 1.5 days before I got to the area} but I made it down there and saw no signs that it was closed. I saw a couple firefighters rolling up hoses, they were just finishing cleanup work and didn't say a thing. I got through there real quick and spent a bunch of time at scissors crossing having to dry out my quilt and tarp from the night before. That put me a little bit behind, at least 20 minutes extra. Then the climb up the San Felipe Hills was just long and uphill, lots of in and outs of the canyons and kind of annoying. But I'm here now. Lets see, today I saw a gopher snake, I mean a king snake actually. Then I was jogging a little bit toward Scissors Crossing and I'm not sure what kind of snake it was, but I surprised it and it surprised me and I jumped four feet to the right side of the trail. It stood up and hissed at me and tried to get away from me as fast as possible. I didn't see any rattles but you never know, maybe a sidewinder? I don't know. It was big, about 4 feet long and thick. So that was the fun for the day. Otherwise, it's going to be a little bit of a wet night and tomorrow I'll be heading over towards San Jacinto. Ohh, I got 2 more blisters on my left foot, which is my problem foot. My right foot is totally fine and my left foot has had 3 blisters now, all on toes. The little toe and the next one up in particular are the worst. So we'll just keep watching those and see how they go. But for now I just pop them and they get better (the calloused blistered skin of my left little toe finally fell off on July 23rd). Alright I need some sleep.
Panorama SE of Julian and about 10 miles from Scissors Crossing.