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Day 10: June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012.

Day: 10    Daily Miles: 39    Total Miles: 440    Hours Hiking: 20   6:25am-6:00am

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Day 10
Sunset from Mt. Gleason.

June 3rd, Day 10. It was a long day. Where I slept was two places actually. I slept for about 5 hours then got up really early and wanted to add on those miles until 6am {to the previous days mileage, since my new 'day' starts at 6:05am.}. I woke up at about 4:30 and just kept on going down so I could get just a little bit bigger day, just for fun. I know daily mileage doesn't matter it's just the overall, but for whatever reason I didn't want to have anything, try to have anything below a 39, so I did that. I hiked 39 miles and my day ended at coordinates 0384960E 3809231N. That's Maddox creek coming down from the North Fork Ranger Station, just before, half way before Soledad Canyon. The day was ooohhhh, long. It was all poodle dog brush, ALLL. Day. Long. Thankfully I wasn't going normal or regular pace, or I'd have multiple days of that crap. But still it was not cool. I took none of the detours or reroutes, so the trail got pretty choked, was not well trodden because very few others have done that. The first 5 miles of the day were awesome. I was still up by White Cloud Pass on Hwy 2. There was the best trail magic EVER, right by Three Points, right where you leave Highway 2. Whoever that person is, is amazing. There was 2 flats of prepackaged chocolate muffins, that was a flat of prepackaged peanuts, a paper grocery bagged filled with 6 or 7 bottles of wine, there was 
Purple = Poodle Dog Brush. Uggh. Awful in this area.
one cooler that was pretty much filled with string cheese and some other drink, another one filled with orange drinks- Fantas and stuff. There was another bag of those pudding pie things...what else was there... there's gotta be something else. There was water, I don't know, it was wonderful. I had already had breakfast, but I managed to cram in a bunch more. So that got me fired up for the rest of the day, as well as, when I was in Cajon Pass, I got a call from Jeanette, because I texted her saying I was here at XXX miles, which I did for a bunch of people. She called and said she would be in southern California nearby for the weekend, so maybe we could meet up. So by doing the calculations and stuff, I figured out that I'd be at the Mill Creek Summit Fire Station around 1 o'clock on Sunday, today. I was about dead on. So I was hustling in the morning and got held back a little bit by the poodle dog brush, but only had about 18 miles to go. And I made it and she was there, so that was good to see here. She brought me a little bit of food and we hung out. It was good, it's always nice to get surprised visits, especially on days when I end up seeing hardly anyone. Actually I didn't see a damn person all day long on trail. I did see one this morning about a mile after I finished the mileage for 'yesterday' around 6am, but that was it. So it was really interesting. Anyway, after I 
Most of the dark green is Poodle Dog Brush....
met Jeanette, I had to climb up and out of the little saddle there and the poodle dog brush was everywhere! It was BRUTAL. I mean that fire just went forever and ever and ever and ever. Poodle dog brush isn't bad when the trail tread is nice, when it's wide and not undulating and there's rocks if it's smooth. But when it gets to the side of a steep hill, and you have to dodge this stuff, you have to dip below the trail, hop above the trail constantly and its PAINFUL. I don't know how much it slowed me down, and ya know, taking 2 hours off with Jeanette wasn't helping my daily mileage, and nor was the extremely terrible poodle dog brush. Even at night, I was night hiking until about 11pm, the moon is full, but I can't use the moon because I can't see where the plants were exactly. I brushed a few, 99.9% I missed. We'll see if anything develops I don't think so. I really barely - I never got any good hits. I figure that the majority of the people that have gone by already have 
Sunset from Mt. Gleason - HDR
probably hit the same ones I hit, and taken the little hairs away. I'm not terribly worried. So, I hit the ranger station, { North Fork Ranger Station}, got water and made dinner at about 10:30pm or so, then continued on. My feet were hurtin' and I couldn't really walk fast, and had my light on still, and I was just tired and was kinda getting dizzy. So, I just found a place on trail, pulled out my sleeping mat and sleeping bag and just cowboy camped right on the trail, no preparation, just did it. I woke up about 5 hours later at about 4:30am and I struggled to get up more or less. I went down the next 4 miles to make it a 39 mile day. But, more importantly, the end of my tenth day was at 440 miles, which means I'm averaging 44 miles a day. So I'm onto Agua Dulce. I'm going to stop and get a little food and keep on trucking because I need to make it to Hiker Town tomorrow. Today I'm going to make it a big day. Technically I have 4 miles already, but I'm going to see if I can keep going make it a 50 after that and get even closer. Ciao!
Day 15 Panorama - Just before Bird Springs Pass road and water cache.