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Day 27: June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012.

Day: 27    Daily Miles: 43   Total Miles: 1159.5   Hours Hiking: 14   5:55am-7:55pm

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Day 27

Having been on trail for, well 26 days and like 3 hours now, I uhh... Well yesterday I got a message from Colina (my friend) and it was basically just like 'Hey, just having a bad day, wish you were here to talk to, I miss you" And the strange part is that I uhh, it's been 27 days and I'm totally disconnected mentally and well just in general from the rest of the world. And I haven't even truly give it a thought at all. Like, it's such tunnel vision right now, its just do the miles, go as far as you can, go fast. Food. Water. Where are you sleeping? It's been boiled down to the basics and I haven't given pretty much anything else much thought truly. Um, it's kind of interesting being disconnected, ya know I have my phone, but I get relatively little service, so it's not that useful to keep connected with. It just kind of hit me like, I was like 'Ohh yeah, there are other people out in the world that I care about and they care about me". And, it's strange. I mean sure I send little text updates and things, but that's really informal. It... I don't know. It's just one of those things that just hit me. I think its 
Almost on top of the long Sierra Crest ridge.
going to have to stay that way to finish this bastard. You know it's nice to meet up with people and things, but definitely right now it's one-track-mind, nothing else matters. Not to say I won't call her back and talk with her, it's just you don't think about things. I haven't thought about women, I haven't thought about.....just pretty much anybody but myself. And not even particularly myself but what I'm doing. So, yeah. You think it might be a time for like reflection and contemplation, which it is to a point, but truly doing this many miles a day...everything blurs together and you really just kind of zone out because you have to. Like you don't sit there at a pond and be like "Ohh this is so pretty, I wish so-and-so was here, la de dee..." It's more of the "ohh look, a hill to climb, OK." Set your breathing, set your pace, get the trekking poles moving and start counting so that you take you mind off how much this sucks. And look 20 minutes later I'm at the top, awesome! Ya know, that's how a day goes. You don't think. So I'll try actually I'm going to see....Ohh god mosquitoes!... how it goes. But for now, I'll give her a call back when I get back into service.
Sierra Crest above Sierra At Tahoe ski resort.

I see you Tahoe! HDR
June 20th, Day 27. Mile 1159.5, thats 43 miles for the day. I slept pretty much right next to the westbound rest area on I-80, because my brother surprised me with trail magic and I didn't feel like going very far after we talked. Anyways I'll explain that in a bit. Lets see, I started really early, well not realllly early. About 5:55am. Lets see. Basically I had a really quick awesome day. I had called my brother from Echo Lake and he was like "Yeah I can probably meet you, sometime on Wednesday". So I wanted to make sure I was...well at the rest area before it got dark and was too late because if I took my normal time, I would have probably gotten there when it was dark and that wouldn't have been cool. So, lets see, I tried to get an early start, I made really good time, um lets see, I um had easy terrain for the most part. In the morning a ridge walk, down and ups and nothing too difficult. Once I got about 20 miles in, I started to get out...I broke out of the forest and onto the peaks with the ski areas, which was awesome. They are one of the best parts of this area, is walking up on the ridges and having a clear view... basically walking along the Sierra Crest on the volcanics and having a clear view both to the east and west. Yeah, I just love that because you're literally right on the ridge. I had lunch at 20 miles, was about 1/2 mile ahead of my hoped for time. Ya know it was like 6 hours and I was already at 20.5 miles, which is great. I mean I eventually would make it 40 miles in about 12.5 hours, 
which is basically no time for stopping, it's just go all day long. I was tired. Anyway, I got off the ridges and on the ridges and ups and downs. I remembered a lot of it from 2009 and I remembered I loved it. There was still a bunch of snow actually on the ridge after you cross the forest road #3 that brings you down to South Lake Tahoe. Otherwise it was a great day. It was a little warmer than I'd like for some of the climbs, probably somewhere in the lower 80's, but all in all great. I only saw 2 hikers the whole day. One was a guy doing a little bit of the section and then I saw Billy Goat towards the end of the day about mile 31-32. He actually knew who I was, not because of my hat, but because I'm in his words "on of the only guys that's like 6'8") *Laughing* That was kind of cool that he recognized me. We chatted for about 5 minutes and then I was like "I've gotta go, I'm trying to probably meet my brother and blah blah blah". Thankfully I made it. My hardest snow crossing was actually right there by Mt. Lincoln. About 2.5 miles away from Hwy 40 at Donner Pass. The trail cuts around this ridge and drops down, and you pop over the ridge and suddenly find about 10 ft of kind of flat level snow, then it drops about 20 ft down to the trail - vertical, hard, can't kick steps really, so I had to do a big detour to manage that one. And, by that time, because of the snow and talking with Billy Goat, I was a little behind, which I was worried about. Eventually I made the next three miles over to I-80 and got to the rest area, which since he was coming up from Grass Valley, he was on the eastbound rest area, and it's really a pain to get over to the westbound rest area so I just literally walked across I-80, not a 
Massive fields of Mules Ears abound.
problem. There wasn't that much traffic and no median, well the median is a big huge 50 ft rock and dirt area, so not a problem. I met him there at about 8 O'clock and just hung out basically. I had done a big mile day and I didn't need to do more so I just said screw it, this will be my "rest day". Had beer, he brought a pizza, ya know and some other snacks and we just hung out, it was great. I hung out until about ohh, I don't know, 10ish, and he was headed back home. Star and Paxx were there too. It was good, it was nice to see them and great to get some extra calories and literally just hang out and stop moving for two hours. I was tired because I did push really hard the whole day. So I didn't feel like going on any further. I just basically just sauntered back into the woods and I had scoped out a good spot earlier to rest and so be it, that's where I laid down for the night. The road traffic didn't bother me one bit. I can sleep through anything pretty much now. Sleep on anything, sleep through anything. Um yeah, it was a good day and it ended even better.
Sierra Crest above Squaw Valley ski resort.