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Day 28: June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012.

Day: 28  Daily Miles: 47.25   Total Miles: 1206.75   Hours Hiking: 16   8:25am-12:05am

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Day 28
Sign just before crossing under I-80.

June 21, Day 28 of my record attempt adventure. I made it to mile 1206.75 for a total of 47.25 miles. I made it to...i made the climb up the Buttes, the Sierra Buttes, passed the little trail head on top where it meets the road, just before you come up the hill on the paved road. I camped at point 0700220 E 4387867 N. Ohh yesterday. Lets see. Yesterday I got a very late start, 8:30 roughly. Uhh, I don't know what happened, but I woke up roughly around normal time and I just didn't feel good and so I just turned over and kinda went back to sleep, even though the traffic was getting louder and louder with more hours of the day. I just tuned it out. Maybe I had one too many beers, but I only had 2, so I don't think that's it. Maybe it was just the extra food or something that I wasn't used to. But regardless I got up and got moving. It was actually a fairly easy day. I made the climb up to the Peter Grub Hut, nobody there. And then from there on, for the next 10-15 miles I hit more snow patches and creek, or trail that was flowing with water, than I have had the whole entire trip so far. I must have walked across 50 snow patches and I want to say that those 15 miles had more snow 
10 Miles north of Donner Pass, looking NE.
crossing than the Sierras and Sonora Pass combined, which normally would say a lot. But this year it doesn't say a whole bunch except for there was a bunch of snow and my feet got wet because I had to keep dodging the trail that was a river and the mud puddles and such things. But um yeah, it was actually fairly nice. A few mosquitoes here and there. A nice sunny day, breezy. You would drop down on the north side, hit a bunch of snow, then climb up the south facing adjacent ridge amongst the thousands and thousands of Mule Ears and volcanic terrain or soils and stuff and crest out, walk aways and drop back down the other side. Eventually I was descending from the Castle Crags to the Yuba at Sierra City, so it was a day of a lot of downhill, until the end actually. But I was making good time. I knew that Highway 49 was about 37-38 miles away and that there was a climb up the Buttes right after that. And since I wasn't resupplying at Sierra City, I thought, why not make it up as much of the Buttes as possible, so that in the morning I won't have to do it. Plus, it puts me up, in better position for the next following days. I figured out that if I make it up the Buttes then do a 45 I'm at the bottom of the Middle Feather River, I'm at the creek itself, so I can start doing that climb at the end of tomorrow night. And then, if I manage to do that, it gives me a 40 into Belden, which then means I can leave in the evening versus having to wait until the morning. Which means I can probably get in and get out and get 
The Sierra Buttes, be there tonight!
a couple miles up the Belden climb at night *laughs* rather than early in the morning. So, by doing big miles, I actually have set myself up, if I can continue them, to basically do a lot of these climbs at night. So back to where I was, um...Yeah lots of downhill. You finally get to one ridge and you just start trucking down and down and down and you see Jackson Meadows Reservoir. You pass by that. You go up a little bit and then you just keep hauling down. You finally hit, ohh I forget which creek it is, its a really pretty little creek probably about 6 miles from the highway, Highway 49, and you parallel, cross it twice, but you kind of parallel it for a while. It's such a steep creek that they bring you way up high so you can't see a lot of it, and then you zig-zag and then all of a sudden you're at the Yuba at the bridge. You cross the bridge and you go for about another mile and you're at Highway 49, which Scott had told me that he and my dad had put up a sign at the crossing. And when I crossed Highway 49, right above the PCT symbol, there was a little chunk of wood with "Hannah Montana Rocks!" scrawled on it, which, is funny because Scott has always thought my trail name should be Hannah Montana, and it was kind of my runner-up idea, just because it's ridiculous 
The Sierra Buttes, be there tonight!
and would be really funny to introduce yourself to people, because you would pretty much always get a laugh, I think. I wrote on the piece of wood 'hey thanks guys, I really wish you guys were here.' I actually screwed up, I put my current time on there as 28 days and 14 hours, which it should have been 27 days 14 hours since I was counting up the hours to day 28. But whatever. I also realized yesterday that I'm going to hit the midpoint in 3 days. I'll hit the midpoint somewhere around the well, I think the evening, I'm not sure, yet. I haven't completely figured out the exact miles and whatnot, but I should hit it on the 24th, which is three days from today. And that being said, I will be at I think like 30 days and X amount of hours into my trek. Anyway, by the time I made it to Highway 49, it was ohh, 8:30pm and I was at 37 miles for the day, so I had to at least make 1200 which was going to be my 40 miles (for the day). So I blasted up the switchback, switchback, switchback, switchback, switchback and finally getting to 1200 around 9:30 or so, and then kept going. I mean there was no in stopping. A, there is no camping and B. In the morning I am going to be very happy that I don't have to do this climb. Which the climb itself after the switchbacks and the few rocky places isn't 
Yuba River crossing by Sierra City.
really bad. You kind of go really gently yup for the last three miles or so. But I did it, it was great. I could see the lights of Sierra City, looking at the horizon, I could see the glow of Reno, Sacramento. I could actually make out a few clusters of town lights out in the central valley. So it was not a bad night. A little rough on the feet - there were some rocky patches that sucked and whatever, but I made it to the top and finally made it to the trail head around 11:55pm and kept going trying to find a good camp site because it was windy up on the ridge. Trying to find a cozy little nook and it took me until about 12:08am to finally find a place that I wanted to camp. Settled in, made dinner, got a whole bunch of stuff ready for the morning. Ate a whole bunch, and finally went to bed, I think at like 1:05am. So it was a high mile day, but I had to go late because I got up late. But you know, it's OK I got a little extra sleep and then I went a little extra further. So we'll see if I can get back onto a normal schedule tomorrow.
North of Donner Pass about 15 miles.