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Day 5: May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012.

Day: 5     Daily Miles: 47     Total Miles: 230     Hours Hiking: 18     6:50am-12:40am

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Day 5
Dropping down off Fuller Ridge.

Day 5, May 29th I did 47 miles today, it's about 12:45 am. I did a bunch of night hiking actually, it was really nice. It's about 70 degrees out even still, so you don't need much even to sleep let alone to hike. The moon is fairly big and bright so the trail is real easy see you when you are hiking through the desert with no trees. The coordinates for tonight are 0530403 E 3770799 N. Let's see started off today high up on Mt. San Jacinto, about a mile down from the Strawberry creeklet spring thing. I had a great view of Idyllwild and woke up this morning - I let myself sleep in because I went kinda of late and felt really dead yesterday so I wanted to make sure that I felt good for today, which I felt great today. I hiked for a good 1.5-2 hours of just up-and-down, up-and-down, pointless up and down which San Jacinto seems to be full of to finally get to the big big downhill. I passed so many wonderful, delicious creeks but it was kind of too early in the morning to really gorge myself on ice cold water (there was a little ice!) I only saw, shoot, until this afternoon, 2 people all day. There was really no one's going down that side of the mountain for good reason, it's steep, it's long and it HOT. I think at one point I saw my watch thermometer reading a 106, granted it was in the sun, but it was definitely hovering around a 100 down in the sandy flats area and even on the side of mountain. At least it was windy though. That just takes forever when you have sixteen miles of downhill off a huge mountain amount into a broiling sand pit, which is the 3 miles between the edge of the mountain and the freeway. But when I got to the bottom, there is that wonderful drinking fountain and I gorged myself on water even though I had water on the way down, but I was making sure I rationed it so I'd have some if I needed it, needed it. So that was an interesting feeling of being way too full on water and having to walk. When I got to the underpass for I-10, I hung out there in the shade for, I don't know, maybe 40 minutes maybe an hour. Just kinda eat lunch, relaxing, fiddlin' with stuff, not a whole lot, but it felt good to do nothing, really. 
San Jacinto Peak and yucca on the big 16 mi downhill.
By then it was like 3 o'clock and I powered on through the windmills and headed on up and over to Whitewater Canyon and the creek there. Which I just missed the sun, it went behind some hills just as I got there. It was plenty warm, I washed my salt covered shirt and pants and my pair of socks and myself, which was the BEST part. So now I'm relatively clean, I guess. It feel so much better, reinvigorating, to say the least, having this wonderful creek in the middle of the desert that you could have a shower in, or bathe in, or just relax in. Then, I kinda just took my time with that and finally was just like 'Oh it's almost getting dark' and the moon was out 'Oh, lets get some miles in under my belt'. I was already at 37 at that point, so I was like 'lets do ten more, make it 47' that keeps me on track pretty much. Yeah, like I said, it was pretty awesome night hiking, to say the least. These ridge line trails that are bright white, amongst little shrubs, a few climbs but otherwise, completely open, you to get to look back and see all the bright lights Palm Desert, Palm Springs, date-whatever, Date Palm whatever those places are all called below San Jacinto. Then you follow creek for another ten miles, so it's not a bad deal, it's pretty gentle, pretty easy and I just didn't want to do it in the morning sun actually. Tomorrow morning I'll have a few miles to go up, then I really do a climb over five miles and I'm kinda up at high elevation, getting on San Gorgonio, then Big Bear actually, tomorrow. Yeah, it's really crazy, I think of how I did before and now, I'm like Big Bear is tomorrow, and for me last time, Big Bear would have been in two days from now. 
Glorious Whitewater Canyon and creek - flowing water!
So it's amazing how fast I really move and how much ground I cover even though it takes all day, like, literally These days stretch to feeling like 2 maybe 3 days. Like right now, tonight, does not feel like the same day as I told you about, this morning, it's just that long ago. But otherwise things are going alright my legs hurt, my knees hurt. I got 2 blisters on both feet, or rather, one blister on both feet, right above my heel big callus from the downhill today. Just the way it squishes and rolls as you make a hard step down. So I tried and I lanced one and I can't get the other, they are just so deep and under hard skin and so we'll see how those go and feel. The legs are tired and sore as usual. The left leg seems to be the problem leg, to say the least. The knee hurts more, the foot had more problems. But we'll deal with it, just keep going until you find out that your leg fell off. So I need some sleep, probably going to get another 47 in tomorrow to keep the average up.
View down the big San Jacinto downhill to the I-10 just keeps getting hotter as you go down!