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Day 3: May 27, 2012

May 27, 2012.

Day: 3    Daily Miles: 46.5    Total Miles: 144     Hours Hiking: 18.5    6:25am-12:55am

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Day 3

May 27, at 1:10am, this is for day 3 {On the audio log I mistakenly said 28th}. I did a bunch of night hiking. My total for the day is 46.5 miles I believe. Lets see, the GPS cords I'll get to in a second. The day, um, not so bad, I felt a little laggy just because it was a little hotter and I took my time. I started off at about 6:20am and got down to Barrel Springs, a little disappointed there, low flow and not much water. I got over to Warner Springs and got my stuff together which took about 40 minutes. That was good, pretty quick. I kept going up the canyon and it kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter. I finally had to do the bigger climb out of the Agua Caliente Creek canyon and met up with two guys, well hiked with them for about 20 minutes to the next water source then proceeded to talk for about 30 minutes extra. So I got delayed but, ya know I was helping them out with their gear and tips because they were hiking from Mexico to the California/Oregon border. They had so much crap it was unbelievable. So I did what I could to help them out, but that put me behind for the rest of the day, which was just hiking uphill, a lot of it actually in the sun. I kind of felt roasted a little bit toward the end of the day. Then probably about 30 miles in my left knee started not feeling quite right. When I twist it a little bit, the torsion sets it off. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I kinda was hiking through it, it's not the worst thing ever, but it's not that good. It felt like it took forever to get to Nance Canyon, where in 2009 I got pretty good water. But this year it's not that great, it had an orange tint and wasn't flowing super fast. It was about 10pm and I took a break. I took half a caffeine pill and Ibuprofen because I knew the Anza water cache was just up the hill, three miles.
So I sped up and did that and had an awesome dinner. I got all the water I could drink and cooked my heaviest dinner which was tortellini with spaghetti sauce and at the cache there was a box of canned peaches, so I ate a whole can of peaches and devoured my tortellini with bacon bits. I then had my ounce of olive oil and it was awesome because I am so full and didn't want to put my pack on to leave, because I had to hike a mile out to get a good camping spot, where I'm at now. I have a good view of Anza and the lights in the distance and I'm surrounded by big boulders. It's nice and flat and not in a cold canyon and it's warm. When I put my pack on the hip belt it wouldn't fit where it was set to when walking because I was so full, which was really funny to me. I kept going for another mile and ended up at my spot at 1:10am. Tomorrow I'm hoping to hike pretty much all of San Jacinto. I'll probably stop somewhere on Fuller Ridge or not Fuller Ridge but the big 20 mile downhill to the water spigot. If I wanted to go all the way to I-10, it would be like a 60 mile day, and I don't want to do that. It's probably more like 70, nah 60, no 70 actually, I'm at 144 and the highway is at 208. That's all for now, the Milky Way is telling me to go to sleep, which I'm going to do, so goodnight.
Day 2 Panorama - just before dropping down and off the Laguna Mountains.