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Day 35: June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012.

Day: 35    Daily Miles: 48   Total Miles: 1532.25   Hours Hiking: 17.5   6:20am-11:50pm

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Day 35

Approaching the descent to Castella and the I-5 crossing.
June 27 {meant 28th}, Day 35. Ohh, I made 48 miles yesterday, to mileage 1532.25. That put me above the Castle Crags climb, across a few rocky ridge walks and kind of between the first two roads you encounter. That point is 0540323 E 4563245 N. Ohh yesterday... It was a pretty good day. Lets see here. I started up on the jeep road in the trees. Proceeded to go down to Trough Creek where it really got back into the dense poison oak again, so I had to do the poison oak shuffle. From then, you kind of just bob along until you go down slightly to the big Squaw Creek, which has a nice bridge and is really pretty and scenic. Then you climb right after that and keep climbing for a while. Not to bad of climbing. Good switchbacks...switchbacked it up, kind of long straight stretches along the...just below the lip of ridges to get you to the high point or saddles etc. Finally, you make it to the top ridge line and you have a nice view of Mt. Shasta, Black Butte, the valley in-between, and then over to Castle Crags. You get this whole huge panorama of kind of where you're going and what you've been seeing. However, it's hard to take a picture of it because there's always trees somewhere in the way. The downhill to the Sacramento river and Castella was looong. It's just. There's one switchback that does this 1.5 mile detour out and then come right back to the same ridge you were on to before the switchback, so you could have just kept going down that same ridge instead of going way out of the way. The only thing I can think of as a reason for it, is because there are two little creeks on it. I mean otherwise this thing is sooo pointless, like
The constant view down...walking legs!
3 extra miles of just barely going down's retarded. I know in 2009 we took the shortcut down the little ridge trail/road, because we were like that's reallly dumb. Just switchbacked down, down, down, down, down, down, down.... I got to the Sacramento, crossed that guy and then you start going up, up, up, up, up. For the first 5-6 miles, probably a little more, when you enter the State Park area you do a steep little up at first and then you just kind of shuffle up and down, up and down a little bit along the side as you kind of come around to the back side of the crags, which takes a while. There are lots of pretty little streams coming off the crags. Then you finally hit this long up. It's a little steeper than what is nice to climb, and it's a little overgrown, so it's beating off bushes and going steeply up rocky terrain. Not all that unpleasant, but could be better. The clouds started coming in at about ohh, 5-6pm. I was hoping to get an early start and basically get through that area sooner than later, before it would get really really hot. Which I actually entered the state park at around 2pm, like the worst time ever, but thankfully it wasn't a very hot day and the clouds kind of came in somewhere around 4pm and kept the sun off. It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. There was a breeze and the clouds. Up up and away. I just kept chugging at it and I knew I needed to top out at the corner peak, hopefully before dark, which I managed to do. I got water at one of the springs along the 4 mile traverse from the saddle behind the crags over to the point. Then 
Climbing Castle Crags.
it was dark and I just kept pushing. The moon is about half full, a little over. The worst part is that there are clouds so it wasn't as good as light as it should have been. Nice ridge walks, but there are rocky as all hell. Just little, I mean fist sized rocks that are all pointy that are in a pile and they call that trail. It hurts your feet, especially after a long day, especially if your feet are already hurting. But, that was relatively short lived. There are really no trees around there, so there's nothing to really make any dirt. I just plodded along. I finally got to the first road at about 11:15pm and kept going to the next road to make one more mile. I'm trying to stop earlier so I can get more sleep. I'm definitely lacking in that department, or at least my body is wanting more than the 5-6 hours that I'm usually getting. For some reason or another, I just can't seem to get a fucking 50. I think yesterday I left at like 5:45am or something and went all the way to god damned 11:30pm and only a 48. There was a climb in there, I'm just trying to figure out why I can't do it and where the time is going, because it should be enough, if I keep on it, for a 50. Overall, yesterday was pretty good. I got some trail magic, some soda was wonderful....And yeah, nothing too terribly remarkable besides I got that ugly ugly Castle Crags climb out of the way. Now, if I just remember right, it's fairly easy going up on top of the ridge. Yeah there are some bigger ups and downs, but otherwise you stay on easier tail tread, of memory serves, which I hope it does. We'll see where we go and see if we can get this big hulk of Shasta out of my view today. It just looms over your shoulder for these 200 miles. It feels like you never make any progress with it always being there.
Evening panorama from behind (N-NW) of Castle Crags.