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Day 9: June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012.

Day: 9    Daily Miles: 42.5    Total Miles: 401    Hours Hiking: 20   7:20am-3:00am

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Day 9
A morning look back down the long ridge to Cajon Pass.

June 2nd, Day 9. I camped at 0411893 E 3801623 N. I did 42.5 miles, starting like 2/3 or ¾ up the climb from Cajon Pass and camped at the boy scout camp next to Highway 2. Yesterday was a umm, jeeze, a lot of climbing and a lot of descending, all at elevation. I woke up a little later then expected, but I did hike until 2am, so that was fine. I got up and went and it was warm already. The climb up Guffy campground was not so bad. Then you do little PUDS up and down over to the highway. I was not feeling very energetic whatsoever. I'm pretty sure lack of sleep makes me dead tired the next day {DUH!}. So I have to figure out a better schedule to night hike and get sleep during the day somehow. Regardless, I slooowly plodded along, and I knew I had to climb up Mt. Baden Powell, another 3,000 ft elevation gain, after you drop 1,000 ft that you had just gained. 
So I took half an ibuprofen and a caffeine pill and basically rocketed to the top in about little over an hour. Which was awesome because I new this climb was going to kill me. And from there it's mostly down, so I felt O.K. with being tired. Which is fine, I sweated so much. I literally wrung out my shirt tails when I got to the top. Good views, lots of people, it was a Saturday. Once I started down the backside trail, I met no one because everyone is there to climb Powell. Just went along kinda here and there slowly. I made it to Jimmy Springs about 4 o'clock I think. Down to the road, where I had to try and figure out what to do about the toad trail closures. I managed to scream up the HUGE climb on the old route, and then drop back down. 
Just before Eagles Roost looking W over the LA Basin.
I then proceeded on the closures that took me until dark. I didn't get up to Cloud Summit until about 11 o'clock or so. Then slowly made my way down a little bit until about mile 399. My feet were really starting to hurt then so I needed to stop. I proceeded to find a nice level area and took a 3-4 hour sleep/nap. I woke up at 3:30am and my goal was to get down passed 400 and get to 401 where there was water. So I got everything together and hiked down there in the middle of the night and that was that. Woke up this morning, feeling better. So we'll see where today takes me. I might get to see Jeanette today, I may not. Who knows! I hope it's not hot!
Nearing the Wrightwood Ski area (Mountain High) with Mt Baden Powell in the background.