Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 14: June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012.

Day: 14   Daily Miles: 47.5   Total Miles: 625.25    Hours Hiking: 18.5   5:10am-11:40pm

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Day 14

June 7th, day 14, coordinates 0396936E 3928463N. I ended at mile 625.25 for a grand total of 47.5 miles. I was out kinda in where I expected to be, passed the Kelso Valley road in the rolling rocky hills with Joshua Trees.... ------------(too windy to hear)------------ For the beginning of the day it was pretty dang nice. I actually hiked – I woke up at about 5am and started hiking and put in about 3 miles to make sure my previous days mileage was high. So in actuality, I probably did like a 52 yesterday. But I survived, I did a bunch of night hiking, I hiked until about 11:30pm. The best part of the day – the first 25 miles was super boring until I made it to Robin Bird Springs, filled up, took a long lunch, did some foot care. After lunch I felt the mental haze I've felt before but have never gotten in the middle of the day. It's only ever been in the mornings or in the later afternoons which makes it weird that I got it around lunch. It basically made my afternoon miserable, I just hated life, I was like uggghhh, I can't handle this, this sucks. I finally ate more and drank more and it kind of went away. So I'm not sure if it's related to electrolytes or blood sugar level or dehydration, but I think it's one of those three. I also took some caffeine which perked me up after a little while, made me 
A mile before the Kelso Valley Road crossing and cache.
happy, then I was glad I was doing what I was doing, like it normally does, because I'm not addicted to it. I sped on down to the Kelso Valley cache, filled up water. I was going to take less than a did, but saw a note dated the 5th of June that the awesome person who delivers the water out there, his transmission broke, and wasn't sure if he could make the delivery to the next cache. So I made sure to stockpile enough to make it all the way, the next 30 some-odd miles to Walker Pass. That's where the trail magic is happening 7-9th, I'm going to hit it on the 8th. I almost actually to Bird Springs road cache right now which is full. I night hiked where I night hiked before in 2009, it was great, it was a lot easier than I remembered actually, that was a plus. It was windy, but I found a great place tucked behind some Joshua Trees, where there was no wind. It ended well and started OK. It was actually about 80 degrees all day long in the sun so it was hot. I'm going to make it to the trail magic today, hopefully hang out for only an hour. Get some good food and make some more miles so I can cut the mileage down for the next day to make it to Kennedy Meadows hopefully before the store closes so I can get my stuff prepared at night and leave in the morning.
Morning panorama looking north towards the Sierras I was to see soon enough!