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Day 12: June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012.

Day: 12    Daily Miles: 45.5    Total Miles: 531.25    Hours Hiking: 16   7:15am-11:30pm

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Day 12

June 5th, Day 12. My 12th day on trail. Lets see, I camped out at 0366221E 3858229N and I made it 45.5 miles for a grand total of 531.25. Ohh where to start. I camped out at the what was previously called the Red Carpet cache at Lake Hughes road. It was windy through the night, I slept on sand which was nice. In the morning I didn't get a very early start, about 7:15am, which is late actually, but I made great time, I was headed to Hiker Town, so that was my goal for a resupply. It was windy and cold. There is kind of a ridge walk, you're in the trees, but on the side of the mountain, but near the top of the hill/the ridge you're walking on. For a good 4-5 hours there was 10-20 mph winds and it was like 40-45 degrees out. Needless to say, I was in my jacket. But the sun came out and the clouds dissipated, the views opened up down towards the Antelope Valley and Lancaster, and it turned into a nice day. By the time I got to the crest and started heading down towards Hiker Town, it probably about 70-75 degrees, a light breeze, nice and warm. I met like 14 hikers on trail which was neat, I mean it was nice to finally meet more people. I basically just chatted with them for a few minutes here and there. One guy named 'Raisins', he's trying to do a speedier hike, in 3 months because he
Just before dropping down into the Antelope Valley.
 has to make it back to school, so he had a billion questions, which I didn't mind. He actually caught me once on the trail heading to Hiker Town, and just as I was leaving Hiker Town he was arriving so he had a few more questions. Coming down the mountain was fine. It seemingly took a little longer that I was expecting to get to Hiker Town, but so be it. I spent 2 hours at Hiker Town, resupplied, showered, did hand laundry while in the shower, repacked all my stuff and found some stuff in the hiker box to chow on before I headed out. I talked to a bunch of people, that was fun. I wish I could have stayed, it would have been a nice night. It was SUPER windy out on the flats of the Antelope Valley where I have to walk alongside of the aqueduct. I left at 7pm all bundled up and kept going until about 11:30pm along the aqueduct which is just a dirt road walk. Not too much excitement out there. I got to see the sunset, the stars came out for about 2 hours before the moon rose directly over Lancaster which was awesome. It was full and started out kinda as this oblate disc,
The start of the LA aqueduct walk.
 kinda squished. It was bright orange above the orange lights of the city lights. For about 20-30 minutes it stayed this bright orange color and slowly because a perfect sphere as it rose above. For the rest of the night it was a bright white ball hanging out in the sky. I had plans on trying to make it to the Cottonwood bridge, but I didn't quite make it. I made it to mile 531 instead of 535 where the water spigot is, but no big deal. I actually just got tired and found a berm on the side of the road and kinda just hoped over the berm, threw out my pad, put my pack down and went to sleep {quickly}. It wasn't anything special. It was still windy so in the middle of the night I got my ground tarp out and put it under my feet so I could take my shoes off. That was about it. It was a good day all around. A little later than I expected, but no too shabby for a resupply.
Day 17 Panorama - At about 10,000 ft at the southern end of the Sierras. ~12 miles from Kennedy Meadows.