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Day 26: June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012.

Day: 26    Daily Miles: 44   Total Miles: 1116.5   Hours Hiking: 16.5   6:10am-10:40pm

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Day 26
PCT sign a mile from Carson Pass.

June 19th. I just passed, or crossed Carson Pass. I did about 4 miles to get there this morning. A little bit of snow across the elephants back. It wasn't bad at all. I got to Carson Pass's little ranger-ish station/information center, there were 3 volunteers that were super nice and another thru-hiker called "Z". I think they really enjoy thru-hikers because they had sandwiches and coke and fruit and things like that ready for us. It was really nice for them. I want to thank them, I did thank them a bunch and was in and out hopefully pretty quick. Hopefully it was 20 minutes. Ya know I was just telling them what I'm doing and it's time like that when other people's enthusiasm, ya know not just like "ohh yeah, cool, good luck" but like "I hope you finish". That's an amazing thing. It helps keeps me motivated, how about that. It's one of those - sure I'm doing this for me, but I'd also like to do it for them kind of thing, if that makes any sense. It's - there's no way they could ever understand what it's like to do this, but at the same time, their good intentions go along ways. So I'm about 
Wild iris a couple miles after Carson Pass, looking south.
14, 12, whatever miles away from Echo Lake. I'll roll into there, probably take a shower?, definitely take a shower and do some laundry. I hope to get out of there within an hour, hour and a half and make it over Dicks Pass into mosquito central tonight. See if I can pull off a 40 mile day on a resupply. I did the math this morning, yesterday actually. When I'm all said and done, I'm averaging 42.9 miles a day, a jump of about 1/3 of a mile a day since the day prior. So doing big days is still bringing the average up, which is great, because the record is at 41.2 miles a day, so I'm ahead of the record by almost 1.7 miles per day, so multiply that out and by the end of it, I'd be almost 120 miles ahead of the record. So, 'bravo' me. I just hope to keep going and try and figure out this weight problem. If it gets easier and easier maybe I won't be burning as much, especially if I'm coming down in elevation, I know my body won't necessarily need to use as much to keep me going. So I might actually stop disappearing. I'll check back in later.
Aloha Lake about 8 miles after Echo Lake Resort.

Second view of Lake Tahoe!
June 19th. Day 26. I got to mile 1116.5 for a total of 44 miles, that's including a resupply which is really good, to a point, in the data book it's called a 'High Point', it's about 8 miles passed the summit of Dicks Pass at point 0743798E 4318519N. Yeah, yesterday went pretty well, all things considered. Got up in the morning, left about 6:05am or 6:10am somewhere in there. I was close to being on the ridge, I should have... had I remember better, there was plenty of camping further on, and it would have been an easy walk that night to get to the good camping out of the wind. But no matter, I had a great day. I could have made my 50, but it doesn't matter. Let's see, I got to the ridge, it was nice, not so windy in the morning, not terribly cold. Good views. There was some now across the elephants back. Less than 2009, but no a while lot. It seems that passed the high Sierra, the snow has been similar to an average year, like 2009, or at least what's remaining. Granted I am a good 2 weeks or so earlier than I arrived in 2009, so that probably accounts for the difference. I got to 
Carson Pass at about 8:30am I believe. There was another thru-hiker named "Z" there, there were 3 volunteers that were super nice and just wanted to give us trail magic. I had fresh fruit, a bear claw, a soda and they were trying to keep pushing more, but I was 'I gotta go get my resupply and trying to do this trail fast, blah blah blaa'. So I hung out there for about 20 minutes, and it was really good. The walk to Echo Lake was super fast and easy after that. You do a little bit of a climb, then you're in this big meadow for a while, you do another little climb and then you're kind of up in the trees and then it's really just kind of a downhill with a couple little ups. I got my first view of Lake Tahoe from the top of the first climb off of Carson Pass. I passed about 7 day/overnight hikers, a boy scout troop. There was snow throughout there, but it was really quick going. I got down to Highway 50 at about ohh 1 o'clock, and then went up to the Berkeley Camp, which they were actually in the process of remodeling the kitchen and getting it all set up for camp to start for the summer, which it hadn't yet. When I got there, there were 2 other hikers, 'Focus' and umm..ohh I forget his name. She had actually worked there so they stopped in to see if there was any food, because she was like "we used to give food all the time to thru-hikers" and basically pamper us basically, Their first food shipment was on 
Looking back at Dick's Pass at sunset.
Thursday, and I was like "aww 2 days away!" So we missed out on a really great meal. O'well. I got my package and then they were all headed down to Echo Lake, so I huffed it back up to the trail, because I just kind of dove off to the trail straight down to the camp. I carried my package for the next half mile on the trail to Echo Lake, where there were 2 other thru-hikers, so 4 of us total. One was 'Caveman' and I don't remember the other guy. But hung out at Echo. Packaging, talking, probably for a good, hour, 1:15. Went to the store, bought some cheese, a soda, I got a milkshake, what else did I buy? I forget...I think there was something else. We just sat outside, packed and chatted and had a good time. The Echo Lake store wouldn't give me a liter of water because they said they had a limited spring, and yet they washed their hand every time they prepared 
Sunset heading into the Desolation Wilderness.
food and things. I just needed a liter, but O'well I didn't actually really need it but it would have been nice to have. I got stocked up, full of energy, jacked on all kinds of good stuff and headed out. I made great time next to Echo Lake. I made it to the 1100 mile mark pretty quickly and then wandered my way next to Aloha lake for a while, through and down and next to the other little lakes. I huffed it up Dicks Pass, which got me for a second time. It's a tricky pass, it's a tricky Dick, ya know. You get to a ridge line, which is the lowest point, and yet the trail keeps going up because it cliffs out at the low point. So you get to a false pass and have to go up. I hit the top there, gorgeous sunlight. It was 7:20pm, so the sun was still pretty high, but just starting to turn golden colored. Stopped at the top, figured out my mileage. I ate cheese...OHH YEAH, I bought frosting! OoooHhhhh, that's what else I bought. I had some frosting for another power boost and bombed it down the hill. The first mile was snow pile after snow pile after snow pile since it was on the north side in the trees. That was a bit irritating. But I made it passed and wanted to get more miles, so by the time it started getting dark, I had already covered 4.5-5 miles. 7:12
At the false summit on the Dicks Pass climb...tricked me in 2009 too!