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Day 33: June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012.

Day: 33    Daily Miles: 45   Total Miles: 1441.25   Hours Hiking: 17   6:50am-11:50pm

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Day 33
Morning Mt. Lassen from the Hat Creek Rim.

June 26, Day 33. I hiked 45 miles with a resupply at Burney Falls State Park, ending at mile 1441.25. I stopped probably about 11:40pm. Yeah, that point was up in Section O's famed and horrible shrubbery mess, which you have to plow through and you can't see. I was actually about a mile away from where I had camped in 2009 with LINT, Avo, and Miss Info. That point was 0301682 E 4550457 N. Ohh, where to begin. We woke up a little late. I was camping out with Chimichanga. It was the first time I had camped out with anyone so far on this trek. We night hiked for a while in the rain and finally found trees and camped out underneath them because it was dried and offered protection from the wind. So we got up and everything was wet and we weren't very keen on moving fast, so we didn't get started until about 6:45am I believe. All the plants were still wet, so our shoes were soaking withing a matter of minutes...which sucks. Wet feet plus having done lots of walking already... calluses and dead skin and stuff...basically all the dead skin, calluses etc start to soften and want to fall off even faster, which you don't want. You want that dead skin to stay on there as long as possible, because it's just your line of defense. We finished off the Hat Creek Rim and met a SOBO section hiker. We got down to the lava flats and kept chugging along. It took forever, they never seem to end. Eventually we made it to the fish hatchery, got a little confused and lost. We caught up with two more thru-hikers just passed the fish hatchery - Charley, who I guess met me in 2009 and oh I forget, there's a German guy. We stopped at Highway 299, Chimichanga and I. He had thought about going into Burney Falls {town} by hitching, but my feet were wet and hurting a lot because of the shoes were done. They had over 700 miles on them and they were wet, so there was no cushion or anything left, especially after going over the lava. So we stopped and we needed to dry out all of our stuff, so we did. There was a sunny spot next to the road and we proceeded to throw all of our tarps and ground cloths and sleeping bags out in the sun. I ate, it was almost 20 miles, so it was kind of like a lunch break. Then, I finally packed it up after about 40 minutes and 
Almost to Burney Falls State Park.
was like, see ya I'm headed to the state park, I've got to make my resupply. It was another 8 miles. I got there {Burney Falls State Park}, the other two thru-hikers - Charley and the German guy - had already passed us and they were hanging out and chowing down. So I did the same. I got my box, got a pint of ice cream. I got a microwave burrito, I got a hot pocket, and two more burritos for the next days. I went outside, packed, got my new shoes on, which I was sooo happy about. Chatted for a bit and filled up my water, charged my phone...all the things you do in town. By the time I was almost ready to go, Chimichanga showed up and he was like 'I didn't hitch', but he did get lost too, which I knew Burney Falls is a really confusing place to kind of come into. But regardless, I left at about 6pm, about a half hour later than I'd have liked to have. It's really hard to resupply with other people because they want to chat and you want to chat and it makes it just go much slower. But, I just kind of plodded on. My dad had told Uncle Boggs to buy my a Red Bull, they got me a 32oz Red Bull, which I had carried from the top of Hat Creek Rim overlook, and I was like 'I am not carrying this. I have 5 days worth of heavy food plus a bunch of extra food that I bought'. So it was heavy and I was not going to carry liquid heavy. I chugged that and made great time during the evening... obviously! Probably 11-11.5 miles in about 3 hours.....Ohh my god I'm in fucking manzanita, jesus, owe. It's up to my chest. This is not a cool part of the trail. I just saw Shasta for the first time actually right now.....Anyway, last night I met two other thru-hikers, they were finishing off their section hike, they were an older couple, probably mid 50's. They were cool. I chatted with them for a little bit. Yeah, it turned into dark, I kind of had an idea of where I wanted to be - get up passed the long climb - the Peavine Creek, the power lines and kind of finally get into section O's terrible overgrowth. Section O, is 'O' for "Ohhh nooo!" or "Overgrown" or "Ohhhhhhh.....". So, I knew there were plenty of roads to camp on, so I just kept going and kept going and finally it just got too late and I was like 'why am I still walking? It's 11:40, I need to eat dinner still". So I finally got to an even mile mark. I got above the climb at least, that was the best part, and stopped. I had dinner and promptly brushed my teeth 
The destruction after another 700 miles, new shoes today!
and went to bed. But, the morning actually was...I don't know...It was soo comfortable, I don't know, I probably was extra tired, I bet it was partially the Red Bull that kind of wrecked me, but I didn't get up until 8am. I tried. I kept waking up and kept saying this is too comfortable and nice, so I'm going back to sleep, screw it. So I didn't get started today until about 8:50am. We'll see how the day goes, but yesterday was a pretty good day. I need to get back onto a nice regular schedule of waking up early and ending earlier, because it's better to hike in the day time, just because you go faster. So if I started at 5-5:30am, and ended at like 10:30pm, it would be much better. That would mean only about 1.5 hours of night hiking. So maybe today, I'll have to call it a short day at 40 miles and be done, and then on from there. It seems like still it's so far away though. It's one of those 5 day hauls and it's kind of flat but. Uggh, whatever I'll just do it and get it done with. The hard part is that my food supply is based on doing like 47's and shit because of just how the math worked out. I'll figure it out, I have plenty of food. So everything is good, I just have to find the energy today and bust it.

Supplement to June 26, Day 33. I forgot to mention how nice it was to actually hike with somebody. Not just only at night and spending the night...we hiked until about 1-2pm together, or whenever we hit Highway 299 - Chimichanga and I. You know, he's a law student, ya know he's probably 24 or 25. So yeah, we get along great - have similar views, like most of the people, or most of our peers along this trail or people you find have similar views. It was nice just to have a conversation and not be stuck to your own thoughts and only hear other peoples voices for the brief times you meet them on trail or like audio books or podcasts, where you're not actually having a conversation, you're just listening. So it was quite nice and yeah, it made yesterday a lot better than most days, even though I had to hike late and had a resupply, I managed it all and had a good time.
Hat Creek Rim north end around 10am and NOT hot!